About me

Born and raised in Italy, my journey has crossed continents and cultures:
from Australia to East Asia, from Spain to Finland, I learned plenty of new things and met amazing people.

My parents’ unconditional love, and my background as a football player and photographer, shaped an immature young boy into a responsible and business-driven mind.

Currently located in the forever-young city of Barcelona, Spain, I provide my services in both English and Italian.

I am a Certified Mental Coach

As a Certified Mental Coach, I help people to find the balance lost on the way, create a powerful and positive mindset, break habits and form new ones and deal with a major transformation in life

The Jay Shetty Certification School provided me with the skills, the techniques and the framework to be recognised as a life coach.

I am tirelessly curious and interested in so many things. Some are unrelated to each other, yet they all make a lot of sense to me and give me that ‘spark’.
Music, photography, biographies, sports, nature, psychology and the human mind, just to mention a few.
Some of my time I love to dedicate to reading, writing, learning and moving.

I believe there is always room for me to level up.

 I have always been fascinated by people and their stories, and that’s why I decided to jump into the coaching scene. I’ve been studying at the Jay Shetty Certification School, where I learned the skills, the techniques and the framework to be a recognised Mental Coach.

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