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Book an appointment through Calendly and let’s meet each other! I offer a free 30 min discovery call

After our online meeting, you can choose one of my coaching plans and we will start working together


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How do I book a session?

As an online coach, I only speak to clients via video, using Zoom as a platform.

You can book a session by using my Calendly (scroll this page to find my available slots), by sending a mail to or by writing via Whatsapp at +358 45 269 2495.

You will receive my answer in 24 hours.

How does an online session work?

For the session to remain private, you need to choose a time and place that enables you to fully engage without interruption.

I kindly invite you to remove any other distractions and use headphones to prevent unwanted sound feedback.

If you want more information about how to be prepared for a session, I invite you to read this article, where I suggest some tips before our coaching session.

The link to join your session will be available in the Calendly notification, which you will receive via email. In case of eventual issues, I will mail you the Zoom link.

My current location is Helsinki.

Please check The World Clock Time Zone Converter to determine the difference in time between mine and your location.

How long is one single session?

Every session will last 60 minutes.

How do I pay?

You can pay with Paypal, Bizum or bank transfer.
I will provide payment details in the booking email.

What if I need to cancel or change a session?

If you want to change or cancel a session, I require a minimum of two working days, or 48 hours.

How many sessions are suggested?

That’s a good question!

I offer different packages based on your needs and wants, keeping in mind that data and resources show that weekly sessions for 12 weeks are most productive. 

However, if you have never tried a coaching program or you feel unsure and still have doubts, I completely get it, and that’s why I invite you to book a free discovery call where we will have the chance to talk about more specific requests

Which kind of package can I purchase?

You can choose between the following available packages:

  • First Experience 1-month package – 220€
  • 2 months package – €400
  • 3 months package – €550

I will be there to listen, support and guide you.
You will have a safe place where you can express and share your insights.
We will enjoy the flow of the journey and experience the transformation of your person.

My supportive presence will be offline as well.
Between every session, you will receive content, tools and exercises to continue your personal development. 


"The mindset isn't about seeking a result—it's more about the process of getting to that result. It's about the journey and the approach"
Kobe Bryant


Book a discovery call!

Let’s meet each other and talk!
I offer a free discovery call of 30 min for all newcomers.

In this short session, you will share with me your concerns and needs.
I would love to hear them and share what I’m able to do for you.

No fake arguments, no marketing strategy, just two human beings communicating and sharing a relaxing time.

After this meeting, you are completely free to choose whether you want to be coached by me or not.


My coaching plans

Every journey is based on a minimum of 4 weekly sessions, but as I mentioned above your journey can be personalised based on your time, wants and needs.

How much time are you ready to invest in yourself?

1 month


2 months


3 months


I will be your accountability partner. You will be the master of your life.


  • Learn to identify and remove the blocks to your success and happiness

  • Accelerate towards achieving your greatest goals

  • Identify your passion and purpose with more clarity


  • Feel supported as you remove blocks in areas where you feel frustrated.
  • Experience profound recognition and appreciation.
  • Discover how good can prevail in the most difficult situations.


  • Learn how to be peaceful and proactive in the face of challenges.

  • Navigate adversity and the everyday challenges of being human.

  • Build a foundation for personal and professional well-being.

Bookings for coaching planners

Whether you are already part of a coaching plan with me or you will eventually start for the first time, all the bookings will be made down below through Calendly app